4 Types of Fixed Indexed Annuities to Increase Your Portfolio’s Flexibility

Annuities are a popular retirement savings vehicle. Annuities offer guaranteed income for life, which is why they’re so attractive to retirees looking for stability in their golden years. However, when it comes to selecting the right annuity, many factors come into play. One of the biggest factors is what type of annuity you want: fixed or variable?

Fixed annuities pay out a set amount per year, while variable annuities pay out according to the S&P 500 index. This blog post will compare and contrast the best fixed indexed annuity rates 2021 with information on how much you can expect to make off each one!

Number One:

The Hartford Secure Index Annuity is among our favorite choices on this list because it offers competitive interest rates without sacrificing your investment flexibility. After just three years, if there has been no prior withdrawals or loans against your account balance, your minimum guaranteed rate increases from 0 per cent up to two per cent. That means in five years; you could be earning close to four times more than what you earned initially!

Number Two:

Another great option for those looking to increase their investment flexibility is Hartford’s Secure II Fixed Rate Annuity. This product offers competitive interest rates and also provides access to an equity-tracking index called the Dow Jones U.S. Select REIT Index at no additional cost! Whether or not you realize it yet, real estate investments have historically been some of the best performers over time.

Number Three:

To earn competitive interest rates and have access to your money should an emergency arise, Allianz’s Stable Account Fixed-Indexed Annuity is probably one of our favorite choices on this list! This option earns policyholders 50 per cent more in guaranteed base rate payouts during years two through five compared with what The Hartford Secure Index annuity offers its investors.

Number Four:

The Northwestern Mutual Fixed Indexed Annuity is another great choice for people looking to increase their investment flexibility and earn higher returns than they would in a traditional fixed annuity. This product earns policyholders five per cent guaranteed interest on the first $25,000 invested during years one through six (with no upper limit), making it an excellent option for investors with limited funds at the start of their investing journey!


The fixed indexed annuity is an excellent option for those interested in maximizing their savings and gaining the ability to withdraw money without worrying about losing it. The flexibility of these types of investments can help you make even more money while still enjoying some insurance protection.

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