Leaders in Trading Education; Online Trading Academy Inspires With New Crypto Program Targeting Everyday Investors.

First founded in 1997 at the height of the dot com bubble, Online Trading Academy has played a pivotal role in the education of everyday investors around the world for more than 25 years. Founded and led by CEO Eyal Shahar, Online Trading Academy has worked steadfastly to ensure its traders are armed with up-to-the-minute education regarding the latest in assets, trading, and education.

Recently it was announced that Online Trading Academy would be introducing a new Digital Assets program to better prepare students for the world of online cryptocurrency trade. Ostensibly a new niche in the trading world, cryptocurrency has rapidly normalized over the past decade.

Nowadays, investors are stuck between a Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) and a lack of understanding concerning cryptocurrency – two subjects that Online Trading Academy hopes to tackle.

Tackling Cryptocurrency Trading

During the height of the dot-com bubble, everyday investors were trying their hardest to win big at investing in the next big thing. Of course, the dot-com bubble would burst and this would leave many traders with their hands empty. To succeed in today’s crypto-driven world, CEO and OTA founder Eyal Shahar believes in preparation.

Shahar says, “They didn’t have the skills and tools to trade responsibly. It’s no different today.”

The concept of responsible risk management is near and dear to the heart of the OTA team and that is something heavily stressed in the Digital Assets program. Spearheaded by Merlin Rothfeld, Senior Director of Crypto Education at OTA, Rothfeld was quick to add, “Decentralized finance is like the beginning of the internet. It is exciting, but it is also very risky.”

Of course, repeated patterns in finance and trading are to be expected. The curveball, for new investors, is the assistance that Online Trading Academy can provide to overcome some of these early potential hiccoughs. With many different opportunities available, there are also some pitfalls that must be avoided. Deregulation and scams are a reality of life in that sphere at present.

To overcome potential hurdles and pitfalls, OTA is offering its Digital Assets program to best prepare traders with a full understanding of digital assets and crypto. An online program with on-demand lessons, students can enjoy the Crypto Investor Live program which is paired with weekly live sessions.

Rothfeld hopes that students are quick to join the program so that they can create a foundation of understanding as they move forward in the complicated field. Rothfeld says with a sigh, “Digital Assets are so much more than Bitcoin.”

To drive home his point, Rothfeld gestured to the different ways that Bitcoin has impacted the very financial world we live in. Rothfeld stated, “Cryptocurrencies and digital assets are transforming traditional, centralized models such as banking, healthcare, insurance, exchanges, and much more.”

At present, the Online Trading Academy is providing a free special introductory lesson called Crypto Foundations, which features six video lessons designed for everyday investors looking to enter the realm of digital assets.

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