Pet Insurance Is Something That Most Australian Employees Would Want.

All businesses in Australia want to keep the employees that they have and try to get the best employees out there to join their companies and so they offer many additional benefits on top of the salary that they offer. Some offer day care facilities, others offer additional life insurance and private pensions, free car parking spaces and a number of other things to entice people to join their company. However, very few, if any, offer voluntary pet insurance as an incentive for a new employee to join their company. However, when you look at the figures for the Australian population, you will be surprised at the statistics regarding pets in Australian households.

Seventy percent of homes in Australia have some kind of pet living with them. The two most popular are of course the dog and the cat and many of them are spending money on vets fees over the time that they have their animals. The cost of veterinary care for animals now has risen considerably because the animals are receiving care on a par with humans and if you look at the PIA pet insurance reviews, you will find many pet owners singing the praises of having the necessary insurance for your animal.

Things are changing and if you look at the following trends, you as an employer might consider adding pet insurance as a voluntary benefit for your employees.

  1. Couples in Australia are putting off starting a family into their late twenties and even early thirties, but they begin to keeps pets from when they are 21 years old. This means that they have the responsibility of having a pet as a family member and all the associated costs that go with that. Pets get themselves into all kinds of trouble and can injure themselves in the process. Pets are no longer pets, but are becoming fully fledged members of the family and so they require the correct insurance to take care of them as if they were family.
  2. Pets getting sick or being involved in an accident can happen at any moment without any kind of notice and your pet will need immediate help if it is to survive. You do not want to be one of those owners who have to choose money over your dog’s life and remember, the guy lying on the vets counter has been your best friend through thick and thin and all it’s asking for is for you to get it back to normal again.
  3. Dogs and cats are now family in Australia and there is no getting away from that. Employees say their last goodbye to them in the morning before they head off for work and are greeted by them at the front door every night on their return. Employees expect you to have medical cover for their immediate family, so why not add in some pet insurance as an employer and have happier staff.

Adding pet insurance as an additional benefit for employees is something that Australian employers need to think about and consider. It could be the difference between getting the best employees and having a more successful company.

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