Review of ADSS: account types, product offering, fee structure

Trading with the right broker is dependent on each person’s needs and preferences, as there is no one-size-fits-all solution. In this ADSS review, we look at a few things to help you determine if this broker is suitable for you:

  • ADSS – company background
  • Account types offered and account opening process
  • Product offerings (financial instruments available, markets to trade)
  • Fee structure (commissions, execution fees, swap rates, and more)

What is ADSS?

ADSS (ADS Securities) is a forex and CFD broker based in the GCC region and headquartered in Abu Dhabi. Established in 2011, the broker has quickly become popular with retail and institutional traders alike. ADSS offers a wide range of products and financial instruments, ranging from indices, equities, forex, and commodities.

With offices in the UAE, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong, ADSS is internationally licensed and compliant with local regulations. In the UAE, the broker is licensed by the Central Bank of the UAE and regulated by the DFSA. In the UK, the broker is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and it is regulated by the SFC (Securities and Futures Commission) in Hong Kong.

Account types offered

ADSS offers various account types with tiered fee structures and margins, with the main account types being Classic, Elite, and Elite+.

Classic account

The broker offers a classic account that requires a minimum deposit of $100. Classic account holders can trade with a maximum leverage of 500:1 (with varying leverage depending on the financial instrument and trade size), 24/5 customer support, and access to training courses.

Elite account

The Elite account offered by ADSS has a minimum deposit requirement of $100,000. This is a big jump from the Classic account. Nonetheless, it offers the benefits that justify the jump, with 25% lower spreads, a dedicated senior manager to manage trader’s portfolios, multi-base currency, and access to training courses and+Elite events. Traders with Elite accounts can also trade with a maximum leverage of 500:1 depending on the financial instrument and trade size.

Elite+ account

The Elite+ account offered by ADSS is the top tier of the three. With a minimum deposit of $250,000 and ultra-low spreads, traders with Elite+ accounts can have their own dedicated manager and sales trader at their dispense. They can also access all the benefits of Classic and Elite account holders, such as a maximum leverage of 500:1, multi-base currency, access to training courses and +Elite events.

Account opening process

The ADSS account opening process is straightforward. When a trader wants to sign up, they can fill in the trading account application form. This takes them to a landing page, where they can choose to sign up manually or with an UAE Pass. Identity documents are required, and they must be up to date and authentic to verify the account opening.

Product offering

ADSS offers traders access to the following markets: Forex, equities, indices, and commodities. Traders can participate in direct forex trading or forex CFDs, and they can spread bet or purchase CFDs on equities, indices, and commodities.

Forex: ADSS offers trading in over 60 currency pairs, with varying spreads and swap rates depending on the trader’s profile and trade size, as well as depending on the currency pair. Amongst these pairs include major, minor, and exotic currencies.

Commodities: ADSS offers precious metals spot trading, such as Gold spot, Silver spot, and Platinum spot. Spreads vary depending on trader profile and trade size. Gold CFDs come at 100 troy oz per contract, Silver CFDs at 5,000 troy oz per contract, and Platinum CFDs at 100 troy oz per contract.

Other commodities ADSS offers include energies and agricultural products, such as heating oil, US crude, UK crude, gas oil, and natural gas, as well as coffee. The broker also offers Copper trading. Spreads vary depending on contract size and trader profile, such as account tier.

Indices offered by ADSS include most major indices globally. These include the most popular US indices such as the US 30, US 100 Tech, US 500, US 2000, and index futures. Other indices offered by the broker include the Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Hong Kong, and Australian major indices. Traders can participate in index CFD trading with various spreads.

Finally, ADSS offers a large variety of UK and US shares, alongside continental European shares such as German and French single stocks, and Saudi Arabian shares. Traders can participate in stock CFD trading with settlement varying depending on the share. Spreads also vary depending on the instrument, as well as the account tier of the trader.

Fee structure

One of the most appealing things about ADSS is that they do not charge any commissions on their trades, regardless of account tier and trader profile. This is a huge draw for many traders who wish to maximise their potential for profit.

Spreads, swap rates, and other trading costs vary, and they can be looked up on the market information sheets provided by the broker on their website. The sheet is updated frequently, and traders can find all the necessary information they will need to trade.

Traders should also be informed that while ADSS is transparent with their fees, they are not responsible for any third-party costs incurred in the process of trading. This includes any currency conversions done by traders’ banks and digital wallets, as well as any additional costs incurred on the MT4 platform when traders personalise their trading interface with custom indicators and the use of API software and hardware.

Summary: ADSS – worth it?

In summary, ADSS is a reliable broker that offers a very clear fee structure and straightforward account tiers. For those who are interested in giving trading a go, the Classic account is a great fit and comes equipped with all the necessary tools and resources to get started trading. For more sophisticated traders, their Elite and Elite+ accounts can become a great way for them to manage their portfolio and gain access to more advanced technology needed to execute strategies. With a transparent fee structure and international regulations and licensing, ADSS is a solid and dependable broker for traders in the MENA region and beyond.

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