Successful Investing With Mark Hauser, Co-Managing Partner at Hauser Private Equity

Developing a successful business is, on its face, an incredibly difficult proposition. After all, you’ve got to overcome your competitors, your self-doubts, and your own limitations. With that being said, Mark Hauser managed to turn a small insurance company from Cincinnati into a nationwide private equity firm with roots growing in St. Louis, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Kansas City.

The son of pro football player Art Hauser, Mark Hauser has spent the better part of the past four decades developing himself into one of the top equity investors in the nation. Now the Chairman of HAUSER as well as the founder of Hauser Private Equity, Mark Hauser is uniquely focused on helping others to find success in investing and private equity.

Build Better Relationships to Build Better Businesses

Starting in his youth as a blacktopper in Cincinnati, Mark Hauser knew early on that work didn’t have to be easy. In fact, work was often incredibly difficult. Between his job laying blacktop and his education at St. Xavier High School, Hauser managed to carve out an understanding of finance that would carry him through to graduation at Miami University of Ohio.

After leaving school behind, Hauser would go on to work as Vice President for Renyolds, DeWitt & Co at the merchant banking firm. By 1995, Hauser knew that he wanted to spread his wings to fly in a different direction.

Purchasing the predecessor company to the Hauser Group would open the doors for Mark Hauser to begin building something special. Along the way, Hauser knew to stay focused on what mattered most to him. Hauser stated in an interview, “The best business relationships are those built on mutual respect and a shared vision. Make it about the other person.”

The Life and Times of Mark Hauser

Inspired by his work in private equity, Hauser is interested in the potential offered by technology within the healthcare sector. On the other hand, Hauser is uniquely worried about disinformation on the internet and he can easily see how the two paths may be crossing in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

In order to stay ahead of his competition, Hauser works hard to remain informed by absorbing as much information as possible. Utilizing both Zoom and FaceTime to stay connected during the pandemic, Hauser often turns to the WSJ and NYT as his publications of choice when researching business.

Outside of his life in business and his work in private equity, Hauser likes to escape the world by funneling his interest into different sports and athletic endeavors. Hauser loves Rams football and used to dream about playing in the league like his father. When he isn’t watching the game, Hauser is out on the slopes skiing with his family or taking in the trails while hiking. Prior to his life in equity, Mark had wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement, music, or in the field of education.

Looking back on his youth, Hauser jokes that one piece of advice he would give to his younger self is to “Buy Starbucks” or to “Get a little better at typing.”

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